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August 22, 2017

Machine or Human? Our five-point plan to help you achieve the perfect workplace blend.

As technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning become ever more intuitive, the ability to automate certain tasks previously carried out by humans broadens. The opportunity for businesses is simply too great to ignore. According to our new research, 85% of business leaders agreed that, in 10 years’ time, automation will create more jobs than it will replace. But despite the obvious benefits, a number of obstacles – from fears over job losses to business disruption - are preventing widespread adoption. That’s why our team of experts have outlined their five recommendations to achieve the perfect recipe for the future workplace. These include:

1. Building a cohesive strategy on labour-based efficiency

2. Creating a clear plan of action on deskilling and reskilling

3. A clear alignment between efficiency gains and qualitative improvement

4. Gaining leadership buy-in to social and cultural change

5. Risk analysis of the reliance on automated people processes See how to put these recommendations into practice by requesting the full report.

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