The Case for Workforce-Led Transformation

Is HR the missing ingredient in transformation?

Capita Resourcing conducted an independent survey through Insight Avenue to uncover the extent to which HR is becoming involved in digital transformation initiatives and whether organisations are considering the people and skills element of these programmes. We also wanted to identify the steps that can be taken to ensure organisations are maximising the expertise and experience of their HR departments to drive success, and to allow HR professionals to take a more central, leadership role.

We surveyed over 200 HR decision-makers in August 2018 with responsibility for talent in organisations with 100+ employees in the UK. Respondents were all senior level HR & Talent Management professionals with 41% at C-Suite level and 59% HR Director and Senior level.

In our new market insights report, The Case for Workforce-Led Transformation, we share the findings including:

  • The major difficulties faced by organisations in its transformation initiatives
  • The implications for organisations of not involving HR in transformation
  • The biggest barriers holding HR back in taking a leadership role in digital transformation activities
  • The areas where HR can and should successfully lead their organisation through transformation
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